Thursday, September 10, 2009

Anne Baynham

photograph by Rebekah Robinson

Latest comments: AJ - 10 September 2009
Well, after 10 months of brooching having not really been a wearer of brooches beforehand, I'm still not in the habit of thinking of accessorising in this way. I've found that either I don't think of adding a brooch to an ensemble, or the brooch I'm currently in possession of just doesn't go!Today I dressed around wearing the golf ball, knowing I'm off to swap tonight. So I have on jeans with boots, and a green top which shows from under a black with white trim (well actually it's inside out) wetsuitish weird material top. Which often gets kinda strange comments anyway so it's interesting to see which of the two trumps.

So far walking down Ponsnobby Rd the little boy of a friend said "excuse me...? why are you wearing that there?" I told them about the Brooch of the Month Club very proudly :) He thought I should wear it on my leg. I can see an argument for placement on my belly button actually.
I really like the construction of this brooch, it's very conceptually strong.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sandra Khang

photograph by Rebekah Robinson

latest comment by AJ September 8 2009

This brooch was like a paperweight that I hung from a dangly bit on my dress because the clasp was broken. Who says a clasp makes a brooch wearable?