Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sandra Khang

photograph by Rebekah Robinson

latest comment by AJ September 8 2009

This brooch was like a paperweight that I hung from a dangly bit on my dress because the clasp was broken. Who says a clasp makes a brooch wearable?


  1. Hi,

    this month I have the pleasure of wearing the rice. Am doing a project on food and space with my students so its fits perfectly! Wore it yesterday to work and had a number of inquiring looks from colleagues and students who wondered what the materials were. Had to move it to the other side of my chest when i realised it clanged against the duffel on my coat. when I walked. I liker its weight though


  2. It was quite bizarre how all the wearers at the broach swap managed to pick a broach that suited them.

    Definitely had considered the weight of the broach when I made it but I really like broaches that are large and weighty.

    Glad you are enjoying the broach.


  3. its almost time to pass on the rice wheel, as it has become known.

    It has been poked and tapped and proded and I can tell people want to bite it to test its hardness.

    I will miss its scale, weighty presence and soft pearly glow. Been great on thick winter coats with lapels, but now its spring and lighter fabrics beckon.

  4. Being that this is the second month of the brooch club I decided to go all out and wear and wear my new broach to every occasion possible, which I must say was particularly easy because of the colour and shape, I loved its size although I was a bit daunted by it to start off with, fabulous the rice wheel as it has come to be known, what a beauty. To the comments, Isn't that lovely, has it got something to do with food, befitting as I own a cafe. Gosh that’s big. It looks like a Petri dish experiment. It’s so bigggg, and so on. I would like to say I LOVED IT, what more can I say. Mandie.

  5. I was looking forward to the 'rice wheel' It was one of the brooches I coveted immediately on the wearer/makers night. It seemed so naughty to have food imbedded into a wearable item, it was interesting that it was rice- a world staple apparently under threat of not meeting supply in 2008 and perhaps there was a cultural element that may have surfaced if the maker so revealed. It came to hand early November and was as appealing as I recalled but had changed slightly. The clear colour had yellowed a teeny bit - that could be my eyesight - that was ok. Some grains of rice had fallen out and that was ok too - a few clear holes kind of makes a positive/negative thing happen. However, after wearing the brooch for an hour the finding dropped off. Luckily, most of that hour was spent sitting on a bus so I wasn't moving around so much the brooch left my person. Lucky too that part of the finding got caught on my cardy, so the brooch continued to remain attached whilst I walked to my destination. I wish I could say 'Sadly I removed the brooch' but the reality was I was ticked off to unpick it off my snagged clothing, disappointed I couldn't share it in all it's glory with my cohorts (at a conference) and perplexed that the catch was glued on in 2 places and the glue didn't do the job it should have. This glue business is confusing for the wearer - is it allowed? Is is that no rules are the rules in jewellery these days? I've seen brooches made of glue, brooches that feature 'deconstructed' glue components but this glue was used for those seemingly old-fashioned qualities of adherence.

    So, now the piece is in brooch hospital and I'm thinking maybe I could wear a necklace or even a bracelet for a while this month. Nope, I've got a brooch on right this minute. Made of hot pink and orange ribbon, I'm thinking I probably would not have chosen this 3 months ago. So after wearing Tracy's retro blob and Sharon's blue blob this wearer might be broaching (in the transitive verb sense)some longheld subconscious views on why one wears a brooch. As for the rice wheel - get well soon.

  6. Kristin to Finn:

    Hi Finn
    Sorry to inform you that your brooch is still out of commission. I have not forgotten about it, but Sandra cannot access the studio to fix it until January. Booo.

    Sorry about that.

    Happy holidays.



    Finn to Kristin:

    All part of the story I s’pose.


  7. The rice wheel came to me with a broken clasp and I tried a few different options for wearing it which mostly involved hanging it either as a hanging broach or a pendant. I really loved this broach, the colour, size and the use of rice, and people that saw it had lots of good comments too although the main thing that came through was 'it would be better if it wasnt hanging'. It also was a pretty precarious excercise which involved the broach falling off of my makeshift pendants/clasps a few times and me giving up on wearing it worried about loosing or cracking it. So although enjoyed I dont think i really got to give the rice wheel the placement it deserves.

    Thanks Sandra
    Sarah Munro

  8. This brooch was like a paperweight that I hung from a dangly bit on my dress because the clasp was broken. Who says a clasp makes a brooch wearable?