Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kristin D'Agostino

photograph by Mike Corbett
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Here is the new look

Latest comment: Pene Walsh - 3 June 2009

I eat my peas with honey

I've done it all my life

It makes my peas taste funny

But it keeps them on my knife

We wearers seem to refer to this brooch as 'the peas' but not one person made reference to said vegetable whilst I wore the brooch, and I wore it quite frequently because it was so just so easy to wear.
A statement I made in a previous post saying I might not wear it for a few days after the 'my mum would like that' comment from a young woman was obviously because if it is the sort of thing 'my mum' would like then I don't want a bar of it. I got over it, but it resonated I suspect, because the colour of the brooch is what I associate middle-aged women in education wear to be zany and somehow relate to their students. Despite green (and purple) being my favourite colours this is not the 'right' green, but y'know it worked. Tragically, this may be because I'm now in the middle aged woman - not quite in education - department, and a mum. Doomed to wear cheerful green and probably that other dangerously zany colour the middle aged woman fancies - burnt orange!
Anyway the brooch did work. No matter where it was placed it fitted, the colour contrasted well with all outfits, it wasn't too big or too small, it was quite 'girly' at times, it was 'structural' at other times. It generally seemed to morph into being spot-on for each outfit (when I say outfit, i just mean regular clothes)
The 'peas' are wooden different sized beads, painted green, set on rods with a bit of glue here and there holding them in place (I didn't like the glue as it felt like the brooch's quality was diminished) There is a long pin on the back that appears to be commercially made.
This brooch looked much better when worn rather than sitting in the box. It seems to come to life when it is attached to a body becoming like a little pet thingie-bob which I found interesting because the other brooches definitely feel like one is wearing a brooch not a possible life form.

*note: pin is indeed hand made not commercially sourced.

A bit about the wearers

Introducing the Wearers.

Finn Ferrier - Maker/Collector
Nicola Williams - Urban Designer
Bonyta Watson - Audiologist
AJ Morris - Architect/Entrepreneur
Heidi Hughes - Festival Planner, Jambalaya coordinator
Kyla Bendall - Animator/3D Artist
Kathy Waghorn - Professor of Architecture, Auckland University
Mandie Taylor - Queen of Tarts Café Owner
Pene Walsh - Head Librarian Gisbourne Library

**Being new zealanders 3 of the original 12 are now overseas and have been replaced by someone who has been observing the project when possible (ie co-workers).***

Rowena Baines - Photographer - overseas replaced by...
Sarah Glen – Planner Waitakere City Council
Kate Talyor - Sustainability Project Manager - overseas replaced by...
Sarah - Sustainable Business Council
Janie S- Professor of Pharmacy, Auckland University - overseas replaced by...
Pauline Bern - Professor on sabbatical, Unitec

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Upcoming events in Jewelleryland

Thanks to Sharon for this impressive list.

Lisa Walker and Damien Skinner talk at AUT campus, room WE320 on St Paul Street at 6.15 pm on Thurs 04 September.

Lisa Walker exhibition opening at Objectspace Ponsonby which i think is going to be on Friday 05 September, 6pm ish (with Sharon's blobs in the window space gallery - yay)

'Weeds Invites' exhibition at Masterworks Ponsonby on 17 September from 5.30-7 ish including the usual Weeds: Lisa Walker, Andre Daly, Shelley Norton and Super Fran plus their invited guests David Bielander, RoseAnne Bartley, Renee Bevan and Sharon(double yay!). The exhibition is being held in the Masterworks Garden in plinths that have been made out of white plastic chairs (fabulous!)

Oh, and Mary Curtis opening at Masterworks tomorrow (Wednesday the 20th) at 5.