Saturday, August 23, 2008

A bit about the wearers

Introducing the Wearers.

Finn Ferrier - Maker/Collector
Nicola Williams - Urban Designer
Bonyta Watson - Audiologist
AJ Morris - Architect/Entrepreneur
Heidi Hughes - Festival Planner, Jambalaya coordinator
Kyla Bendall - Animator/3D Artist
Kathy Waghorn - Professor of Architecture, Auckland University
Mandie Taylor - Queen of Tarts Café Owner
Pene Walsh - Head Librarian Gisbourne Library

**Being new zealanders 3 of the original 12 are now overseas and have been replaced by someone who has been observing the project when possible (ie co-workers).***

Rowena Baines - Photographer - overseas replaced by...
Sarah Glen – Planner Waitakere City Council
Kate Talyor - Sustainability Project Manager - overseas replaced by...
Sarah - Sustainable Business Council
Janie S- Professor of Pharmacy, Auckland University - overseas replaced by...
Pauline Bern - Professor on sabbatical, Unitec

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