Saturday, October 10, 2009

The End

The comments continue to trickle in, but the brooch wearing phase of the club has officially ended. There was a closing night dinner which was very fun. Stay tuned for photos.

The wearers seemed unwilling to give up one another's company so they have converted to a "____ of the month club" until an appropriate substitute has been found.

Thank you, happy wearing.

Broach of the month club, past reviews -

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Zarah Heathwaite

Photo by Rebekah Robinson
latest comments Nicola- 7 October 2009

Fun Fun Fun! No Daddys, no Bluebirds.

But this brooch is definitely worth a good go. It's interchangeable conditions are much like life. Nothing is static. Change stirs our hearts and minds and challenges us. We need it and it keeps us alive and real.

The best thing about this brooch though is that if you look closely on one of the 'accessories', Zarah has crocheted part of one with a magnificent electric blue plastiki (Google Plastiki the environmental boat sailing around the world...) thread.
Just gorgeous! And of course the hyper-yellow colour was the winner of the day.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Raewyn Walsh

photograph by Rebekah Robinson
See more of Raewyn's work here

Nicola William's drawing of the kowhai -

Latest comment: Finn 22 August 2009

The Kowhai was beautifully made with a good finding on the back, but it needed to be worn on quite a thick garment, otherwise it would hang down on an angle towards the floor. I thought the effect of the light through the resin from the silver made it float, and made spectators enquire about what it was? I particularly liked the detail that only the wearer would see, as they put it on.
I was a little scared wearing this brooch, I kept on thinking that I would crack the pod- as it was only joined in two places.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sharon Fitness

photograph by Rebekah Robinson
See more of Sharon's work here

Latest comments Kyla - 3 October 2009
I wasn't particularly excited by this brooch at first. Too synthetic looking, too purple. But it just grew and grew on me... by the end of the month it was one of my favourite brooches! (second only to Zarah's crochet blobs).

I loved how you could move and rotate the different pieces... I spent ages rotating the little sections to just the right angles. Interactive = always good.

The fact that it was made of unbreakable silicone ended up making it even more lovable. Actually I've always been drawn to the softer brooches, they often just feel more comfortable and somehow right to wear on clothing.

And it just always seemed to look good. Without fail. Even the purple. I wore it nearly every day towards the end and was very sad to see it go.


And a lovely journal entry by AJay

Tracy Michelle Coustas

photograph by Rebekah Robinson
see more of Tracy's work here

Latest comments Kyla 3 October 2009

I only had this brooch for a week and had a dramatic love hate relationship with it. It either looked fantastic or just ridiculous. I found it had such a presence that you either wore all black and just let it do it's thing, or tried to make it work with an existing outfit and suffer the consequences. I loved the bright boldness and smooth coolness, and was terrified of both the boldness as well as the fragility of it. I knew it could pop off and smash at any time. In the end I was just pleased to be able to pass it on without having broken it!

And a fun drawing from Ajay's journal

Friday, October 2, 2009

Rachel Bell

photograph by Rebekah Robinson

Latest comment Kyla - 3 October 2009
I was drawn to this brooch from day 1. I loved the crafty homemade feel of it, the softness and simplicity. I was really looking forward to my turn with it. But when it came, I just couldn't find the right thing to wear it with. No matter how hard I tried. I also found I got bored with it in a way... there didn't seem to be any layers to it. It seems I loved it and yearned for it from afar... but once I had it I expected more from it and didn't get it.

Fun journal drawings by Ajay...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jacqui Chan

photograph by Rebekah Robinson
See more of Jacqui's work here

Latest comment Kyla October 12009

I found Jacqui's brooch was definitely one of the most universally appreciated of all the brooches. People found it beautiful, intriguing, and very cool. One stranger was so taken with it she just couldn't believe someone was so clever to come up with the idea and how beautiful it looked when it was just a piece of tin with holes in it. That day was definitely a brooch wearing highlight! I actually found it surprisingly difficult to wear, but could never figure out why. To do this day it remains a mystery. But no matter how it never seemed to feel quite right, it was always worth it to be able to look down, turn it this way and that, watch the light move across it, feel the texture of the cut tin and curved edges, and find another little detail in the picture that I hadn't noticed before...

And this cool drawing by AJ... in her 'brooch journal'