Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lillian Berado Grondine

photograph by Rebekah Robinson
Latest comments Finn- 22 August 2009
This brooch was the first brooch I received. I opened the box and was confronted with, what I thought to be birds bones. These were infact a whole lot of plastic ‘Amore’ rings linked together as a chain. The finding was a bit peculiar it looked very surgical-bone-replacement. There was no clasp, you just threaded it through the weave in your jumper and gravity held it in place.
What I liked about this brooch the most, was that when you walked the spray of rings crashed against your chest making a soft chhh, chhh, chhh noise as you walked. You could feel them pull as they swung around with your movenment. People thought they were orchids, and would reach up and gently touch the bunch of rings like you would a spray of flowers.
I wish that the rings were chained together in a way that you couldn’t tell how they were put together. I loved wearing it.

Paula Thornburrow

photograph by Rebekah Robinson

Latest comments Finn - 22 August 2009
My first job required me to wear a name tag, about this size but made of plastic.
When I would put Paula’s brooch on, I was very aware of the architecture of my clothing, and the relationship between v-necks and collars.
And I kept having flash backs to having to wear a name badge. It took me quite a few pinnings to get it right. I found it similar to hanging a painting, you just have to keep trying till it is right. The silver lovers were very much into this brooch, commenting on how much they liked it and ‘I would wear that’ (in comparison to some of the other brooch club brooches. Ha!) The finding was excellent, and I never worried about losing it on a seatbelt etc. So once I pinned it on, I was quite casual about wearing it

Monday, August 3, 2009

Gillian Cambell Deery

photograph by Rebekah Robinson
Latest comments Ajay- 3 August 2009

Gillian's metal brooch was:
kinda sharp
possibly masculine, definitely architectural
quite heavy, so clothes had to be chosen carefully
suited being worn centrally
reminded me of volcanoes and the auckland landscape
seems valuable
is my second favourite, aesthetically

I like it as an object.