Thursday, June 5, 2008

Broach of the Month Club is Born

The Broach of the Month Club has been created in an effort to reinstate the community aspect of traditional craft into the contemporary jewellery culture.

12 emerging jewellers will submit a brooch reflecting their unique attitude or mode of approaching contemporary/artist jewellery. Each brooch will have its own traveling box, a name and short blurb about the jeweller and the brooch. Meanwhile 12 "care takers/wearers" will be recruited.

The Broach of the Month Club will officially kick off with an opening night party - wearers will meet jewellers and photos will be taken of all parties. At the end of each month, a small feedback sheet will be filled in by the wearer and the brooches will be swapped to the next participant. There will be quarterly "gatherings" organised for the makers to interact with the wearers. The club will conclude with a closing night party where photos will again be taken and stories exchanged.

This club will be operated on a trust basis. The wearers will be asked to wear the brooches out in public at least once during each month. If any brooches are destroyed there will be a 100 dollar fee given to the maker. If a wearer falls in love with a brooch they can order one from the jeweller, but will have to leave the original in the "club rotation" until the end of the 12 month period.


  1. Yo go molecule gurl! Great website and list of designers...can't wait to spot them on the street... love Nic

  2. What a fabulous & enticing concept.